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Agro Drone

We at Agro Drone specialize in the usage of air imaging, being from Drones or Satellites for usage in the field of Precision Agriculture or Archaeolgy.

For Agriculture, we provide Orthomosaic, DSM, contourlines, NDVI, 3DModeling, Tree count and more.

For Archaeology, we provide 3D Models, dynamic viewing, Orthomosaic, Planer projections, and more.

The field of Precision Agriculture (PA) is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops.

The usage of airborne (Drones and/or Satellites) equipment in Agriculture is gaining a large momentum over the past few years to enhance PA. The assumption is that the remote sensing devices provide cost savings for inputs — and provide more accurate data for use in variable rate technology, so farmers who use them will experience increased yields.

 The usage of Drones in Archaeology is gaining a large momentum lately. The advent of high technology of Unmanned aerial vehicles combined with computer vision, sophisticated algorithms (such as: Structure from Motion-SFM), enables assisting the classical Archaeology field such as: Excavations, Conservation, Modelling etc. It enhances Reconnaissance, Aerial photography, Site documentation, Mapping, and Photogrammetry

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